Giveaway - Under The Sassafras

photoTo launch my first book, Under The Sassafras, I wanted to offer a quick giveaway.  This book gives the reader a glimpse into the traditions and life of the cajuns.  And with most cajuns they surround themselves with hard work, good food, and toe tapping music.  So come along with me as we travel along the bayou into the town of Bon Amie, meet the characters, taste their food, cry and laugh with them and hopeful you will fall in love with a few. Let me introduce you to MaeMae, she will steal your heart and cause your mouth to water.


Feeling hungry?  How about a plate of warm Pain Perdu (Lost Bread), covered with melted butter, smelling of vanilla and nutmeg.

The first five responses with your e-reader choice and email will receive a free copy of Under the Sassafras and MaeMae’s recipe for her Pain Perdu.


  • Rae Smith

    Hi. I am intrigued by both the book and the recipe. However, one always wonders what’s going on in small towns when all one can see from a highway or a main road is a sign. Can’t wait to read Under the Sassafras.

    • hattiemaeauthor

      Hi Rae, thank you for responding. I hope you will enjoy Under the Sassafras. And let me know if you enjoy the book and the receipe. I need the kind of e-reader you might have and an email address.

      Come back and see what else is cooking up in Bon Amie.

      Hattie Mae

  • Leslie P Garcia

    So glad you have Under the Sassafrass out, Hattie! I was struck by the similarities (as I was when I first came to Laredo and only knew a few words of Spanish) by the similarities between French and Spanish. But I think your recipe for ‘pan’ sounds pretty good! Much success with Under the Sassafrass. My best!

    • hattiemaeauthor

      Leslie, you are so right. There is a lot of similarities between French and Spanish. Do you have an e-reader and if so which one and what is your e-mail address so I can send you your free copy of Under The Sassafrass, Also your recipe for Pain Per Du is attached.

      Thank you for responding.
      Hattie mae

  • Kimberly Lybarger

    Loved UNDER THE SASSAFRAS! Can’t wait for its sequel!!!! Very quick read using my ipad kindle app! I could almost smell the wonderful meals being prepared by MaeMae! Reminded me of Ms. Tee!

    • hattiemaeauthor

      Kimberly, thank you. I am so happy you enjoyed the book. SNOW ON MAGNOLIAS I hope will be out in November. I will keep you posted. The receipe for Pain Per Du is attached. Come back anytime, you are always welcome.

  • Brandi Mears Vidrine

    I’m sorry I missed you at Fontenot Library. I can’t wait to read “Under the Sassafras.”

    I use a Kindle.

    Thank you!

  • Susan Hall

    Loved your book “under the Sassyfras”.. Thank you for writing a book so rich with wonderful characters and a great storyline. And one with out four letter words! I read on the iPad with the kindle app.
    Getting ready to order your other books now. I realize it is eh almost a year since you posted this contest but I would love Maemae’s recipe!

  • Ginny

    I just finished Under the Sasyfras and googled the author’s name to find out if you had any more books. I found the story entertaining and a relaxing read.
    Great for a lazy weekend. Thank you.

  • Joan

    Hattie Mae I loved “Under The Sassafras”. I read it in one day, couldn’t put it down. I have a Kindle Fire. Going to make the Pain Perdu tomorrow, yum!

  • Marie

    The boys are Onamae and Tee boy. Under the Sassafras is a great book. Can not wait to te read more.

    Are you from LA originally? I was born and raised here, grew up in Opelousas. No bayous near. My home tho we visited my uncles camp on Bayou Courtableu often. I know I misspelled the name of the bayou, sorry.

  • Pam

    I really enjoyed reading Under the Sassafras and it was great to read how T- Boy and Ozamae was a big part of the story. Thank you for bringing out the Bayou.