Coming Soon: SNOW ON MAGNOLIAS The second book in the Bon Amie Series

CoverFinalLG-SnowOnMagnoliasWelcome back to Bon Amie with the second book in the Series.  In SNOW ON MAGNOLIAS you will meet the five LeBlanc brothers,  and a cast of many as the story tells of rejection, the promise of second chances, and the wonders of superstitions.   Enjoy this sneak preview.

 Sam sat in the old rocker;  its’ paint worn from daily use.  He rocked gently on the gallery outside his bedroom.  The smell of fresh rain lingered in the air, a ring around the moon gave promise of more to come.  Was there anywhere on earth that smelled as great after a rain than Louisiana?  He thought not.

     He stifled a yawn, stood and stretched out his arms.  The sight of headlights as they snaked down the winding lane caught his eye.  Who could be calling at this hour?

    Sam made his way to the place where the car slowed to a stop and in the shadows of a grand oak tree he moved a clump of moss out of his way and waited to greet the intruder.  

     The car stopped under the outside lights and the driver’s door opened.  He watched as bare legs unfolded out of the small sports car.  The legs of a woman.

     Sam stared in disbelief as the red head stood in the beam of light.  He looked at his watch.  1:16 AM. A red headed woman on a Monday no less, stood before him.  Everyone in Louisiana knew what that meant, especially Sam.