Camillas in Moonlight

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A Bon Amie Novel – Book 4

Saia Anderson’s life ended on a sunny morning in Arizona. Her husband and only child were killed in a car crash with an eighteen-wheeler. Since she was raised in foster homes and aged out of the system, they were the only family Saia had ever known. Alone, Saia all but shuts down. Even after the truck driver is convicted of manslaughter and she is awarded a large settlement she can’t escape the memories and the deep sadness that consumes her. She needs a purpose to go on.

After selling her home and closing her decorating business she comes up with a new plan. The project is an old stately plantation home she purchases on Sugar Island, across the bayou from Bon Amie Louisiana, a place so different from Arizona. With plans to turn it into a bed and breakfast she realizes that she can’t go back, she can only move forward.

Saia knows she can learn to live alone but decides with a Bed and Breakfast she will have people around her but not too close to form any real relationships. Less hurt when those people leave.

But Saia underestimates the people she hires to help her. Otto, the old German caretaker, who cares for more than the plantation; Odette, the housekeeper, cook and granddaughter of a Voodoo Queen; Taffy the young maid with a very dark secret; Eli and Daniel, brothers, who were shunned by their family and community; and Silas, the jack of all trades who makes melt-in-your-mouth pastries and quotes Shakespeare and who just might make Saia want to risk her heart again.

More and more this motley crew become increasingly important to Saia. The Plantation soon thrives and the people of Bon Amie await the opening and possible tourism the bed and breakfast will bring. But it’s the misfits that surround Saia that mean the most to her. Slowly this collection of misfits forms a family.

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